About ARMS

The Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) is the professional society for research managers and administrators working throughout Australasia and Singapore.

Since its founding in 1999, the ARMS network has grown to involve more than 2,700 people from universities, research agencies and institutes, medical research institutes, R&D corporations, research centres, government departments, funding bodies, industrial R&D teams, service providers, commercialisation bodies and consultancies.

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Our Mission

ARMS is dedicated to the professional development of research managers and administrators; the promotion of the profession of management and the enhancement of the research enterprise. The Society fulfills its mission through:

  • The establishment of a strong and effective professional network of research managers and administrators at all levels and based on a variety of settings through personal relationships, presentations, formal and informal meetings and publications;
  • The development and promotion of professional standards for research management and administrators in Australasia and Singapore consistent with international best practices; and
  • The improvement of the interface between research and its management.

We Value

  • A stronger, vibrant sector in the region.
  • High standards of research governance including the protection of integrity and ethics of research.
  • The profession of research management as integral to the research endeavour.

We Provide

  • High quality, targeted professional training and development.
  • Access to an annual conference with a reduced registration rate for members.
  • Access to an accreditation program which recognises research management as a profession.
  • Knowledge exchange through state-wide chapters and special interest groups.
  • Access to awards and scholarships.
  • Member resources and advocacy services.

Learn more about ARMS, view this short video.