Barbara Warren

Director, Dramatic Difference Training

Barbara Warren combines her love of sport and her background in professional theatre to coach executives, managers and teams to work with greater energy and passion.  The objective of Barbara’s practical sessions is for all participants to strive for clear, authentic communication practice. A four times New York marathoner and a keen surfer, Barbara designs and facilitates a range of creative training programs examining how the very breathing techniques and the passionate pursuit of objective she employs in long distance running, are exactly the same for impactful workplace presentations and building communication presence and confidence.

Barbara is the lead presentation skills coach for both the Telstra Australian Business Awards and the Telstra Business Women’s Awards and she is a regular presenter throughout the University of Tasmania and the Australian Maritime College. She has completed post graduate studies at Harvard working across the Law School (Negotiation and Mediation practice) and Executive Education (Leadership).

Barbara is a passionate advocate for lifelong learning.  She has used the skills from her theatre background for over twenty five years encouraging business professionals, media personalities, elite athletes, lecturers, PhD students and researchers to value dynamic communication practices and to be engaging presenters and leaders.


Keynote Presentation: The Importance of Positivity in the Workplace

Keynote Speaker Partner: Macquarie University

Considering the amount of time we spend at work these days, it is so important for all of us to understand our personal role in creating and maintaining positivity and how we play our part in fostering a harmonious and productive workplace culture. It is indisputable that when positivity is front and centre in any organisation there are significantly higher levels of achievement.

So exactly what are the core elements of positivity?  In this presentation we will all examine and explore practical strategies for promoting and sustaining an optimistic attitude and approach to work, research, teams and organisations and we’ll investigate ways to consistently communicate in a positive manner so our contribution to a buoyant workplace culture is real and embedded.  We will search for our personal keys to unlocking attitudes, opinions and judgements and review our own behaviours especially in moments of uncertainty so that we can give our attitude a boost when it might really need one! We will look at strategies to continue to build reserves of strong morale so we can meet the moment with energy and enthusiasm and tell our stories of success using the power of positive language.

We hear a lot about being “our best self” these days and how we should keep our eyes on stress reduction but we often have little time to work out what any of that actually means.  Attitude is everything, so lets explore what influences us first and foremost so we can apply and uphold the principles of positivity in order to live them truthfully and boldly when we work.